A Lawyer for when the Judge or the Lawyer IS the problem

A Lawyer for when the Lawyer IS the problem


Judges and Lawyers mess up too. Sometimes it’s hard to prove and those cases rarely see the light of day. The LegalSolved team started a special division called LawyerSolve to assist in the area of professional duties of legal professionals. Our attorneys have filed and advised in malpractice actions in different states, in federal court, and even worked on shareholder derivative malpractice actions.

What we do

Lawyer solve has the Lawyer for when the Judge OR Lawyer IS the problem.

Legal Malpractice

“That’s a Malpractice!!!” From the mouths of babes. Legal malpractice is a special area of law that varies state-to-state. LawyerSolve has tackled statute of limitation issues, derivative malpractice cases, and special situations to hold attorneys accountable to their duties.

Sue the Judge?

Welcome to Judicial Immunity. This is generally a baaaaaaad idea. Nonetheless, there are strategies to neutralize the effect of a ‘bad judge.’ The earlier in the process you identify an implacable judge, the easier time you will have later. And yes, LawyerSolve has sued a judge. Shaking My Head.

Professional Ethics

Ethics, Court Officers, and Sanctions. Ethics are hard. The standard for legal professional ethics is rightfully high, as attorneys (and judges) are officers of the Court. LawyerSolve will take a “full-contact” approach to your ethical issues, should they arise. Come find out more in a consultation.

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